Get Crazy Profit From Betting Off These 4 Major Esports Tournaments 2022

Indian population has been showing an increasing interest in esports during the last decade. Statistics and analysis say that more than 19% of India spends up to seven hours playing mobile game, and 11% can play for up to fourteen hours. Logically, people who spend that much time playing game also enjoy seeing how pros do it and bet money on it. That is why esports has become an irreplaceable routine in the life of almost a quarter of Indians. But all too often, bettors are left with the hard task of finding competitions worth wagering on. 


In this article, you will find the four biggest upcoming esports events in 2022 for Indians and figure out why you should  on them. 

The International 11 (Dota 2)

In the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Dota 2 has always been one of the leaders in India. The game originates from the Warcraft III mode, which became the foundation for the well-known Dota 2. Nowadays, the game has high-skilled players with top ratings in all regions. How do you put them together in one competition? Valve (Dota 2 developer) has an answer to that. 


The International is an iconic tournament that was conducted ten times, and in 2022, we will see the eleventh version of it. As you can guess from the tournament’s name, the event features competitors from different parts of the world: Asia, America, Canada, Europe, etc. During the first Internationals, the  world was shocked with prepared for winners. Thus, it was the first esports tournament with a But following The International competitions have been increasing the  and in 2021 the winners got over  The key to reaching that big of the  is the in-game item: Compendium.  and as soon as the player purchases it, he is given a few in-game awards while contributing a part of the sum.


Wagering on The International is always a great experience for any kind of gambler. Bettors will be presented with plenty of betting markets with various odds, live betting options always present, and tens of daily games to wager on. In addition, bookies like to attract new clients by gifting bonus Rupees. The betwinner registration is a betting standards in India.

Dreamhack Winter 2022

Have you ever heard about a gaming event where you can bet on all your favorite games and watch entertaining shows at the same time? Dreamhack Winter (also has a summer counterpart) is an annual festival that takes place in Sweeden at the end of each year. Due to the significant number of esports competitions on the Dreamhack, the event was included in the Guinness Record Book


Dreamhack Winter features Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, which are some of the But this year, the most attention will be given to the famous first-person shooter:  If you are unfamiliar with this game, it is a super entertaining tactical game where players rely on their shooting skills. The  is played on a specific two-sided map: one is given to Terrorists, while the other for Counter-Terrorists. The game lasts until one of the sides wins 16 rounds. To win a round, a team has to kill all the opponents or complete the objective.

League of Legends World Championship 2022

Indian  has been separated into two groups: one prefers , while the other is more into League of Legends  This is more about skill shots and movement, but it has the same deep tactical aspect as Dota. Additionally, LoL is more unforgiving when it comes to in-game mistakes. Thus, if the player dies a couple of times at the laning stage, it would be very hard for him to get back into the game as  .


To find out who is the best team in League of Legends, The Riot Games conducts an annual World Championship. In 2022, you will see  from around the globe competing for the world cup and the  Even though is not even close to The International’s, it is still a respectable sum in the esports world.


The tournament has a complicated format that begins with a qualification. Thus, the winners of the biggest LoL leagues during the year will be invited to participate in the World Championship. Then, unqualified players will compete in the two Play-In Rounds, where the weakest will be knocked out. The following is the Group Stage, where players who came out of the Play-Ins will fight the ones who were invited directly. And finally, in the Knockout Stage, the rest eight players will fight in the format to find the winner.

Asia Pacific Predator League 

Finally, we want to present you with a relatively new tournament that will take place in Japan this year. Asia Pacific Predator League is a competition divided into two  There will be competitors from 15 countries and territories fighting for

It is important to mention that Asia Pacific Predator League is one of the It is an exciting battle royale game where a hundred players are put on the island, which’s territory will get smaller over time. To win in PUBG, players need to look for weapons and gear to help them beat their opponents. Once the map is decreased to the smallest scale, the players will need to come up with creative strategies, take important covers, and shoot the opponents. An interesting part is that every game will have a completely different scene in the final seconds of it. Add to that the fact that you will watch to pros play, and you will have a recipe for the perfect esports competition.


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