In a country where cricket dominates so clearly in the society as a whole, it is natural that cricket betting claims a space of its own.

Do you want to know how to bet on cricket? What are the markets you can use to win Indian rupees? What are the best cricket betting sites and what makes them different?


If you’re wondering this, or how to deposit at cricket betting sites and take advantage of their promotions, among many other options, you’re in the right place.

Because that’s all we explore here, to know how to place the best cricket bets at every moment.


Cricket betting is the core that unites many of the fans of this sport in India.

And where to place our cricket bets?

Not all cricket sites are equally recommendable.

Sure, we all know cricket bookmakers and sites where we can bet our Indian rupees, but are they all equally recommendable?

We have already said that they are not, and that is why we want to tell you in detail where to place your cricket bets in India today.

When identifying where to place cricket bets, we look at and recommend only sites that strictly comply with the keys to reliability.

That is: to be licensed to operate, to have good deposit and collection methods, to offer multiple options and tools for cricket betting on different events and to provide us users with the facilities to place our bets quickly.


It has already been said that the possibilities are endless, if we want. But we may also be looking for something more local, like placing only Indian cricket bets.

Indian cricket  evidently, is one that we love.

The Indian Premier League, as well as the are the ultimate expression of local competitions, with always present -obviously!

And that’s why Indian cricket betting happens throughout the year in multiple competitions and formats.

And what is the best Indian cricket Well, although there is no one that allows us to determine exactly which one is the best in all occasions, there are some that are better than others.


 as it has already been said, opens up more possibilities than practically any other sport in India.

The options for betting on cricket are the most available on almost any site.

So, here is a summary of all the options that are just a click away when it comes to betting on cricket.

Competitions to on cricket:

The competitions we can find to bet on cricket range from the Inidan Priemier League  to the Pakistan Super League , the Bangladesh Premier Leagues, the Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and many, many more.

All kinds of leagues in countries all over the world, from the most professional to the lowest to bet on cricket.

HOW TO PLACE cricket


Go to the cricket site you have selected.

Naturally, you must be previously registered as users.

Check your available balance and, if necessary, add more INR to bet with.

  1. Select the section you are interested in.

These can be found both in the live cricket betting section (happening at the moment) and in the regular sections.

Within the cricket selection find a multitude of leagues and events that occur daily and weekly.


  1. Look for chosen match among the available cricket

Within the competition in which you want to play, look for the specific match in which you want to place our cricket bets.

These are sorted by date, so it will be easy to find the one you are interested in betting on.

  1. Analyze the odds and possibilities.

Analyze the odds of the different cricket betting options offered to bettors.

Choose the most attractive ones based on your knowledge of the match 

Check if there are any options such as staging bets, so that you can combine different selections within the same event, in case that is what you are interested. linebet app .Once you have entered the amount will be shown the total amount you can get. Confirm the bet by clicking on the button that indicates it.

Now we just have to wait for it to be determined or, if the cricket betting site offers it, be aware of the / close bet option, in case we want to make use of it at a given moment during the course of the bet.

Market to bet on cricket:

If there is something we love about betting on cricket is the very wide variety of markets that exist. Because, yes, it is true that there are many markets that we can bet on in the vast majority of sports, but none like cricket.

The interest that this sport attracts internationally in everything related to betting makes betting on cricket to be raised to an incredible level when it comes to markets.

Among the possible markets that we can enjoy when it comes to betting on cricket we find the following, among many others:

  • Scorers.
  • Corners.
  • Result with handicap.
  • Penalties.
  • Exact number of goals

Up to more than 100 different possibilities in the main matches, including options such as whether there will be an own goal or not!


we have already talked about which are the cricket betting websites and some of their characteristics.

We have also talked about which are the best cricket betting websites in India. But what is it that we have to pay attention to when choosing one of them?

Whether it is the first time we are going to bet or if we want to change our betting site to a new one in order to get the welcome bonus or try something different, we should certainly not lose sight of this 


License to operate. The most important point: all the betting sites listed here are licensed to operate, which makes them reliable and safe to provide our personal data and our money.

 rupees should be easy, simple and painless. Create a Bet function. A must for many people nowadays -we include ourselves- is the function of creating bets in the cricket betting pages.


Up-to-date betting options. / close bet, set bets, system bets etc… are some of the tools that we want to have on a daily basis.

Streaming / broadcasting of matches. More and more cricket betting sites – betting shops – have streaming matches directly on their service for free, so we can watch free matches from competitions all over the world directly there! Very convenient for live betting, for example.

 In the technological moment in which we find ourselves, it is impossible to ignore the importance of mobile applications of cricket betting sites. The bookmaker we choose must have, therefore, a good app to go with it.


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